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"Aquarelle" women's club in Odessa

The city of Odessa, situated on the Black Sea, is famous both as a unique intellectual birthplace of brilliant artists, poets, writers, who represent many nations and cultures, and as a city of seafarers.

As is known, the profession of a seafarer is not a simple one, and to be a seafarer’s wife is not easy either: seafarers spend much time away from their homes, families, relatives, wives and children. A seafarer can entirely devote himself to his work and duly perform his duties only provided he is sure that at home, on shore, everything is safe, secure and stable. And the person who can provide this stability, assurance and faith is his beloved one.

Women have always taken care of their parents, children, relatives, despite all the difficulties they may face themselves. But sometimes even the most successful women need support and advice from the people who experience the same problems, that is other seafarers’ wives and relatives. To operate with these challenges and to unite all those willing to participate in various activities the Odessa “Aquaservice” Marine Agency, in the person of its Director Ms. Tatyana Yurkova, several years ago have founded the “Aquarelle Seafarers Wives” Club. Several years of various activities of the “Aquarelle” Club have embraced a lot of interesting and memorable events. Many events were attended not only by the members of the “Aquarelle” Club, but by their friends, partners, and members of the IWCK as well. Women not only spend their leisure, share their concerns, organize tourist trips for their families, but also help the underprivileged. 

On January 19, 2007 the “Aquarelle” Club has organized its First New Year Charity Ball. The proceeds from the Ball went to Odessa Children’s hospital. The First Charity Ball was a success and it was decided to continue this noble tradition in the future.On the Eve of the Easter the members of the “Aquarelle” Club raised money to support Odessa Orphanage.The objective of the “Aquarelle” Women’s Club is by means of harmony of mind and heart to facilitate the harmonization of the society, to increase women’s empowerment, to develop the civil society. So, the Club’s activities are aimed at improving the political and social standing of women, who can play a significant role in bringing positive changes in society. 

To share ideas please feel free to contact Ms. Tatyana Yurkova at:
E-mail: t.yurkova@aqua.com.ua
Phone: +38044 425 2669
Mobile: +38050 311 4822


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