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Feodosia is one of the biggest towns of Crimea and the centre of the eastern coast of the peninsula. The name of the town is translated from the Greek language as “Given by God”. A bay near the town has the same name. Like the majority of Crimean settlements, Feodosia is a very ancient town. The exact year of its founding is not known. At first, this town was mentioned in IV century. 90 thousands people live permanently in Feodosia, but in holiday periods, this amount is several times higher. Feodosia is one of the main TN of Crimea. Hear you will find a seaport, and nearby the railway station.The main places of interest are: mosque of Muftij-Djami, founded in XVI century, Armenian temple of Sarkis (XV century), art gallery of Ajvasovsky, museum-house of A.Grin. Among other unique places of Feodosia, we can see museum of delta gliding and museum of money, ruins of Genoese stronghold, church of Michael and Gavril, the church of Joann Predtechi. What is a plus point for Feodosia is that it has a well-known “Golden beach”. It is situated 15 km from town and has such attractions as: a park, bars, and comfortable pavilions. What is also very interesting is that at least 2 fascinating events are held in May in Feodosia.

Picture gallery of Ajvasovsky

Feodosia is one of the major cultural centres in Crimea. Here you will find picture-gallery of Ajvasovsky. He was the prominent inhabitant and it was his idea about creating a picture-gallery .He bequeathed it to the town after his death. The gallery has 419 works. On the whole the gallery has about 10 thousand works of sea-scapes.

Aleksandr Grin - a house-museum
Galerejnaja 10
+38 06562 31309
Working hours: Wed-Sun 10:00 - 16:30

Aleksandr grin is one of the most famous writers from USSR. His most famous novel is “Crimson Sails”( ”Alie parusa”). He moved to Feodosia in 1924 and lived at Galerejnaja St., 10.

Feodosian museum of money

This museum is very recent. It was opened in 2003. Feodosia had 20 periods of money issue. Besides, now people find in a neighborhood treasures of different periods: from ancient Greek to white guards.
Now it is situated in the museum of delta planning. Address: Kuibisheva 12

Where to stay

Hotel As-el
In Coctebel village, near lifeless “Cara-Dag” volcano. About 300 metres from sea, pebbly beach.

Hotel Aj-Petri
It is situated in the center of Feodosia, 40 metres from sea, pebbly beach.

Hotel Goluboj zaliv
Coctebel village, 140 km from Simferopol, 20 km from Feodosia, near “Cara-Dag” mountain. About 100 metres from beach.

Hotel Zolotoj Bereg
Beregovoe villafe, about 8km from Feodosia. About 170 metres far from sandy beach.

Hotel Morjak
It is situated in the center of Feodosia, 10-15 minutes going on foot to the beach.

Hotel Primorje
Coctebel village, 20 km from Feodosia, near “Cara-Dag “ reservation. About 100 metres from pebbly beach.

Useful Information:
Feodosia websites: www.tour.crimea.com,  www.feodosia.euro.ru

Summer season highlights:
Amateur Theatre groups festival
until August 30th
International Chamber Music Festival "On a Visit to Aivazovsky"
July 18 - July 30
Feodosia day
July 27


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