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Yunus Sirin

Interview with Yunus Sirin
General Manager of Gloria Jean’s Coffees

GO2KIEV: Please tell us about Gloria Jean’s Coffees?
It would be my pleasure for I could talk about Gloria Jean’s Coffees for hours. Most importantly, our establishment is a leading specialty coffee retailer that provides to its customers an extensive selection of unique coffees including estate, delicious flavored and a complete menu of espresso-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, smoothie chillers, cocoas and gourmet teas. Secondly, we hope it’s a place that serves as a center of social interaction providing an atmosphere to meet, talk, write, read or just pass the time, whether individually or in small groups.

GO2KIEV: What makes your coffeehouse a specialty coffee retailer?
By doing the ‘Real Thing’ – that is, not forgetting the basics of our business and being highly skilled in coffee preparation, with a full comprehensive understanding of coffee, coffee blends, espresso quality, coffee varieties, roast degree, and espresso equipment and maintenance.

Our barista’s have a very high level of expertise in coffee preparation. It’s with pride that we source only the best, most exotic and unusual coffees.  Our customers can choose from roasted blends that feature a rich, robust and assertive brew. A favorite among our customers are the flavored coffees; such as, White Chocolate Mocha, Irish Nut Crème and Caramelatte. These particular coffees are often enjoyed with milk and sugar. When our “coffee sommeliers” prepare your coffee they follow a very specific and detailed step-by-step procedure where the ingredients are the #1 priority. We also sell French press coffee makers, ceramic and plastic take-away coffee cups, and coffee flavoring syrups in Irish crème, raspberry and vanilla. The most recommended item in the public’s eye are the whole roasted Arabic bean coffees like the Sumatra Dark, Mudslide, Jamaican Blend and French Vanilla.

GO2KIEV: Tell us about the distinctive ambience of Gloria Jean’s Coffees?
I’m glad you noticed our coffeehouse’s atmosphere. It’s my sincere desire to have real folks come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, sit back with friends for conversation, or bring in their portable laptop and work in a relaxed environment with WI-FI service availability.  It’s not just a coffee experience but rather an environment with the ‘freedom to have fun.’ As you will see, there are a variety of customers from different nationalities who are talking, working or relaxing at the several floor levels. Our coffeehouse has been divided and customized with a funky downtown feel with comfortable couches and chairs as well as a large square oak table which dominates the lower 2nd floor level that encourages round table meetings or impromptu conversations.   We have many regulars who prefer a more secluded area for privacy in which they have attached themselves to that ‘oh so favorite’ chair. I hope we’ve created a contemporary-styled venue with a youthful, modern, outward looking place that is an oasis of people’s lives, a place to retreat to, meet others, enjoy and take time out.

GO2KIEV: Why is Gloria Jean’s Coffees partnered with the Rainforest Alliance?
One of our company’s philosophical values is the belief in people -- building and changing lives. It is believed we can effectively support this goal by protecting the welfare of coffee farmers, wildlife and the environment. Gloria Jean’s Coffees currently buys beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Nicaragua, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. The coffee is used in 18 different Gloria Jean’s Coffee blends, including all its flavored coffees. Farms earn certification by meeting a holistic set of environmental, social and economic standards that are focused on sustainable farm management that includes ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection, living conditions, healthcare and education for farm children, among other things.

GO2KIEV: Why do you think coffee and coffee houses have become so popular in Kiev?
Coffee is so popular in Americas, the Middle East and Europe so it is no surprise the many restaurants specialize of which are now called “coffeehouses”. Most of these establishments also serve tea, sandwiches, pastries and other light refreshments (some of which can be dunked into the drink). We understand that professional workers need a place to meet and eat out or simply buy a beverage and snack foods on their way to and from the workplace. As well if the weather is permitting curb side seating the coffeehouse can resemble a large party on a Friday or Saturday evening. We recognize that Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a place between work and home. This inviting idea has actually become a type of lifestyle for hundreds of our clients. It’s of no surprise that both Ukrainian and expatriates alike embrace this individual mindset and way of life.

Visit Gloria Jean’s Coffees at the following locations:
Krasnoarmeskaya 34, Kiev
Kreshatik 13 (Passage), Kiev
Krasnoarmeskaya 118, Kiev
Ekaterininskaya 4, Odessa (Opening Soon)


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