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Gerald Bowers

Interview with Gerald Bowers
Top Business Management Mentor

GO2KIEV: How would you describe business opportunities in Ukraine?
I am quite optimistic about Ukraine’s economic future. Everyday I meet foreign and national investors who are actively taking part in the country’s economic growth. I am an operative Director for three business organizations in Kiev – EFG Property Services, Market Leader Services Ukraine and the British Business Club in Ukraine. These three organizations provide consistent and favorable circumstances to meet a wide range of Ukrainian and international business professionals from the law, marketing, human resource and banking sectors.

GO2KIEV: Please describe the professional activities within these three business associations.
EFG Property Services has a dynamic presence in Ukraine by providing customers with vertical real estate solutions in both the investment sector and the provision of real estate related services. Our clients come from all over the world. Just recently I met with investors from Greece, London and the USA. EFG helps to identify business opportunities through procurement and investment into retail shopping centers, warehouses, land plots and business centers. We have experience with significant property portfolios; in fact, our evaluation service is of a very high caliber and accurately assesses the market. My team consists of the New Ukrainian Generation of business men and women who are focused and driven for business reform and success.

GO2KIEV: How do you determine and locate business professionals whom you call the New Ukrainian Generation?
Market Leader Services Ukraine offers top management professionals in many industries with assistance of teaching, training and mentoring development. We’ve developed a reputation for helping individuals and corporations with management and leadership skills; delivery of formal presentations; intensive English language courses; negotiating contracts and agreements; marketing; and development of strategic plans. When Ukrainian and expatriates acquire these tools of knowledge and experience; it can certainly be the impetus for success, integrity and reform in the business sphere. I hope to impart the importance of how Ukrainian companies need to retain people – valuable employees – by taking better care of them in the workplace.

GO2KIEV: How can Ukrainian professionals demonstrate their newly learned Western business and networking skills in the community?
The British Business Club in Ukraine is an independent commercial organization that facilitates contacts and business opportunities for British and Ukrainian organizations and individuals. We found there was a high demand for these two business communities to establish links with each other. The BBCU will soon develop a Banking Forum for senior level management to discuss banking employee training, writing and presentation skills. On July 17th the club will promote The Royal Kiev Golf Club which will be a pleasurable networking event and also an opportunity to learn more about business services and training. Approximately 60-100 people attend each meeting where there is a great deal of Ukrainian business support and enthusiasm.

GO2KIEV: Can you share a personal experience that illustrates your life in Ukraine?
Back in 2003, I made a personal choice to leave Great Britain and start a new life chapter in Kiev, Ukraine. It was the thrill and challenge of using my prior professional experiences as a marketing and management university instructor in a radically different and newly developing country. Integrity and ethics are determining factors in life and I feel strongly that people who live in Ukraine are faced with two distinct choices of how to conduct business. For example, in 2003 I traveled in my vehicle for three days across Europe and finally arrived at the Poland/Ukraine border. This travel time alone was a prime opportunity to contemplate the direction of my life. At the border I was met by a Ukrainian Customs representative who demanded I pay bribe money to enter into the country. Adamantly, I refused and told the customs official that I would simple return back to where I came rather than pay money to enter into Ukraine. Well, you can see that I was allowed to proceed forward. Simply put, I know the choices I’ve made in my life and career have always been reflected back to me. Immediately, professional good luck and the talent for networking came quite easily and I met many high powered Ukrainian business men and women in the community. We formed both professional and personal relationships that proved to be quite beneficial – even to this day. At this point in my life and career, I feel that I can pay it forward by providing professional mentoring development within the business community.

Networking and Business Training Development Resources

Market Leader Services Teaching, Training and Development
Office 10, 9 Baseyna Streeet, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38-044-235-1763 – telephone

British Business Club in Ukraine
Office 10, 9 Baseyna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine


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