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Elena Yurchenko

Interview with Elena Yurchenko
Top Consulting

GO2KIEV: What can you tell us about Top Consulting recruitment firm?
For several years the Top Consulting Company has effectively helped to develop Ukrainian companies’ business through qualified recruitment as well as providing much required and demanded consulting services. Our aim is to find the best specialists and raise our client’s professionalism to the highest level.

GO2KIEV: Tell us about the recruitment process to locate competent specialists and mangers.
Our clients, during the initial meeting stage, request an individual who is a leader, who is active and motivated and who is a good person. And it is usually concluded with the statement: But, I cannot pay a large salary. They want it ‘all’ in one individual. Fortunately, we have the experience and skill to conduct a thorough and comprehensive search to access a network of qualified people who would be a good fit for the open employment position. We use a multilevel evaluation system such as a structured interview, professional and psychological testing, metaprogram profile composition (note: metaprograms are measures of the behavioral choices that an individual will make in a given situation), reference collection and role business play conducting among final candidates. As a result you get full objective information about candidates in the shortest time frame.

GO2KIEV: Which industry sectors do you work within to locate mid and top level managers?
The business sphere range includes: insurance and banking; marketing and advertising; information technology; manufacturing distribution; construction and real estate; retail sales and restaurant business. The answer is as varied as the business markets that operating in Ukraine.

GO2KIEV: Share with us a little about Ukrainian candidates who are seeking specialist and managerial positions?
Candidates are usually very good specialist or managers but not necessarily in one specific business industry. They usually have very high ambitions, request a big salary, desire influential social connections as well as wish for a wide array of additional benefits. Many of Ukraine’s brightest and well educated workforces leave the country to pursue professional opportunities in Western Europe or America -- but it is quite interesting to note that after only 1 or 2 years they return back to their native home country and put those practical experiences to use within Ukrainian companies. I feel there is something truly to be said about the mentality of a ‘Slavic soul’.

GO2KIEV: What are the differences between Ukrainian and international firms?
International firms have a developed core identity. They can provide a very desirable salary, set up an office immediately and relocate the Ukrainian employee to neighboring European countries or to another continent. There are Ukrainian firms, some of which after the Orange Revolution became ‘big players’ in the economy’s marketplace became firmly positioned in the country’s cultural identity. Lastly, young Ukrainian firms provide a great learning experience for those candidates who are beginning their transition into the workforce after the completion of a formal education.

GO2KIEV: How does Top Consulting provide consulting or training for its clients?
We feel that the consulting process is a mutual activity of client and consultant -- your and ours. We offer a comprehensive, goal-directed solution for business opportunities development and added value creation for our client’s products and services. Through style creation, advertising campaign planning, expert evaluation analysis our company, Top Consulting, can provide efficient technology cooperation to its clients. This also means we offer leading Russian and Ukrainian business trainers to educate employees of companies the art of successful sales and client working; staff management and team formation; managerial personal efficiency; personal growth and development trainings; and training programs for trainers. You can see that we at Top Consulting are quite passionate and dedicated to our profession and to the Ukrainian economic marketplace.

GO2KIEV: Tell us about the Ukrainian economy and employment?
Well, the Ukrainian economy is changing on a daily basis – one simply cannot predict the economic or employment climate in the country. But what I can tell you is that the Ukrainian employer market is very open to the formative and learning process of adapting to the current global employment conditions.

GO2KIEV: Lastly, what are some the perks or benefits offered by Ukrainian firms to their mid and top management employees?
Of course it depend upon each company but most generally managers can receive a very competitive salary comparable to Western standards; full payment of a mobile phone and services; employee credit loans with a zero percentage rate; full medical and dental insurance; holiday travel to Western Europe with family members; as well as organized social events for the individual and perhaps their family members.

TOP CONSUTING www.topconsulting.com.ua
Telephone: +38 (044) 278-3686
E-mail: office@topconsulting.com.ua


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