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Irena Trots

Interview with Irena Trots
Patroness of the Renaissance Culture

GO2KIEV: How did you become a patroness of the Renaissance culture?
My deepest devotion started as a hobby back in 2003 when I first attended a two week cultural Renaissance workshop held in a small historical town in the Czech Republic. There was a great international community that normally you would see as ones leading very busy lives for their professions included work as scientists, lawyers, surgeons and business leaders. What intrigued me was that we all shared a deep passion of 14-17th century Renaissance life.

The workshop included various classes studying the Renaissance cultural arts movement in the areas of history, vocal lessons, music, historical costumes and court dancing. It felt as if we were inseparable part of eternity. I was breath taken having observed the amateur students perform Monteverdi's opera play 'Orpheus' with full court costumes and decorations as well as with a high level of vocal and dance after only one week of preparation. It seemed to me that a miracle had been performed! I felt a stirring within my soul that could not be silenced. This quiet voice gradually took hold and led me with the knowledge that life was going to be forevermore changed. Of course, it was not an overnight change but a slow transformation of thought and life-direction that could only be described as a ‘renaissance’ or rebirth.

GO2KIEV: Tell us about “Renaissance” Art Production?
Within the years I attended more festivals in Krakow and my great hobby manifested into attending master classes of court dancing of the Italian, French and English genres. The instructors were high-level native professionals who quickly and fluently taught the rudiments of dance. I have been so overwhelmed with this fairy tale atmosphere in the modern days that early last year came up with the idea of recreating the historical fancy-dress ball. That was the beginning of "Renaissance" Art Production.

GO2KIEV: What is the court dancing?
Court dancing was the most enthralling site and pastime for the noble. Exquisite music composed exclusively for the kings was performed at court where graceful noblesse dressed in fancy garments and elegant accessories were dancing in splendor. I believe that this atmosphere is what we create at our Castle Balls with "Renaissance" Art Production.

GO2KIEV: What are the Castle Balls?
Castle Ball is the brand introduced by "Renaissance" Art Production in 2007 when I first conceived the idea of creating a court dance ball, which was held at the Kiev Fortress that is renowned as a historical-architectural Museum memorial. Being inspired by William Shakespeare’s famous play “Romeo and Juliet” we slightly embellished and revised the ending of this story in which the love-torn lovers were forever united and a pair of white doves were released into the heavens. The guests participated with interactive character role playing and dance. The Cracovia Danza court dance troupe from Krakow, Poland attended and taught court dance steps that were easy to follow and memorize. Guests selected various costumes that identified with ancient 15th century Veronian characters. Truly, it was a great fairy tale of adults.

GO2KIEV: Tell us about the next event you have planned for the Kievian community?
“Renaissance” Art Production, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, will present a lavish and historical Court Ball entitled “Lorenzo Medici Carnival” on January 24, 2009 on the premises of the Philharmonic Society of Ukraine. This Court Ball will be dedicated to a legendary historical person Lorenzo Medici il Magnifico and thus will carry participants and guests to Florence of 15th century. Our exclusive guest list will include the contemporary Prince Don Lorenzo de' Medici who is a present day scholar of the Medici archives and writer of historical novels.

GO2KIEV: Who was Lorenzo Medici?
Florence «uncrowned king», Lorenzo Medici is widely considered a historical symbol of Renaissance age. Being a gifted and talented person, Lorenzo was a wise ruler of Florentine Republic, had unsurpassed authority like a diplomat and politician, and a poet and scenario writer for numerous carnivals, ceremonies and other cultural and entertaining events in Florence. He was so much loved by Florence citizens that deserved an epithet of “il Magnifico”, which means "the Magnificent".

Lorenzo Medici may also be considered one of the greatest patrons of art in Europe. Due to his efforts, names of Michelangelo Buonarotti, Sandro Bottichelli, Leonardo Da Vinci and other Renaissance art masters became world-known.

GO2KIEV: What do you have planned for the Court Ball on January 24th, 2009?
Deepening into Renaissance Europe court triumphs, wearing historical fancy dresses and accessories, playing ancient musical instruments, looking revived court dances performed by professional dancers, watching performances made by professional actors, guests own active participating not only in dances, but also in the performance development – all these will contribute to restoring atmosphere of a truly Renaissance court ball in the heart of Kiev. Authentic dance and Carnival song composed my Lorenzo the Magnificent will represent a special part of the evening.

The community is invited to attend the ball and participate in dance and character role play as well as feast upon gourmet food and drink. The first part of the evening will be filled with court dancing, the play of ancient games, musical performances and the entertainment of a court jester. The second part will be the viewing of the performance “Masquerade of Queen Bonne” by famous Polish Cracovia Danza court dance troupe. During the event charity lottery will be organised where money gathered will be invested to support talented Ukrainian artists and musicians. We also have a special prize for the participants – a weekend in the luxury villa presented by The Luxury Hotels of the World, Ltd.

There are two ticket variants one can purchase: an exclusive ticket will allow one to have an audience with the Prince in a VIP dining setting with 30 other guests; alternate ticket will be for our 270 guests including a gourmet banquet and drink.

Truly, this will be a fantasy evening where enchanted guests will be transformed into fairy tale prince, princesses and court members. We will be more than happy to assist our guests with the rental of uniquely beautiful court costumes or to have a special one-of-kind costume tailored made just for this extravaganza.

Ticket Purchase and Information for the “Lorenzo Medici Carnival” Court Ball
Art Production “Renaissance” – Irena Trots – Director
Web: www.castleball.com.ua / Telephone: 8044-221-62-79 /


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