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Laura Cagniart

Interview with Laura Cagniart

Fashion Designer of Tsaritsa

GO2KIEV:  How did the Tzaritsa clothing line conceptualize?

It was the product of a chance encounter between a French-American designer and a Ukrainian artist, Alexei Zagorovsky. The question arose of how to find luxury items in Kiev for reasonable prices. We looked into this mystery... and ended up creating our own product! Our clothing line includes high quality cashmere knits, each of which has its own distinctive style. Every piece was inspired by the artists' collaboration, and the interaction and eventual fusion of their different background, resulting in a unique merger of American, European and Slavic influences.  The interplay of these different styles into something completely new can be found at every level from the style to the tailoring and colors. We chose cashmere because we knew that this exceptional material would allow the quality of the fabric and its incredible softness to stand out. All women love to look and feel beautiful in luxury apparel, and nothing combines timeless elegance and modern chic better than cashmere.
GO2KIEV:  Tell us about the Fall-Winter 2008 Collection?
The initial collection is small. There are six designs to choose from in a variety of styles and bold colors that appeal to a wide variety of fashion preferences.  Our creamy salmon cowl neck sweater with a hood favors a woman who wants a dramatic flair to her clothing.  For the woman seeking something with a bit of evening flair to it, we have created a scooped neck sweater accentuated with Swarovski crystals. For elegant coordinates we feature sweaters in sleek lines that include a ruby red deep u-neck, a lavender lipstick princess formed turtleneck, and a midnight black deep u-neck. We also offer casual sweaters featuring recognizable Russian symbols: the martrushka doll (which is a humorous clin d'oeil to the typical Russian souvenir) and the Russian emblem that has been slightly modified with guitars to give the renowned symbol a more rock and roll feel. If you are looking for a more glamorous look, try our silver Grecian drape design with an accenting cut-out sleeve. We also have matching colored scarves that coordinate beautifully with our collection.
GO2KIEV:  Tell us about the cashmere used in the sweaters and scarves?
Cashmere is luxurious wool, used to create some of the world's warmest, softest and most stylish garments. Centuries ago it was only available to royalty because of its rarity and was popularized by Napoleon who made extravagant gifts of cashmere shawls and wraps to his legendarily beautiful wife, Empress Josephine. Since then, it has remained a coveted luxury, remaining in steady demand through feast and famine, war and peace. It can be found on the catwalk of all the prominent designers in London, Paris and New York and fashion gurus now pronounce the cashmere sweater to be as essential to the wardrobe as the infamous little black dress.  Our cashmere originates from the steppes of China and Mongolia and is than produced in Scotland. We choose this cashmere because legend has it that the water in Scotland in which the cashmere fiber is washed makes it softer.  Cashmere comes naturally in white, gray and brown but the wool is easily dyed thus allowing us to produce our knitwear in bold colors. The material is highly durable and will last for years if cared for properly: always wash cashmere by hand in warm water with mild soap, and blot gently with a towel before laying it out flat to dry.  It takes a single goat four years to produce enough wool for a sweater so treat your garments with care and they will last you a lifetime.     


Kiev – Office
5a Leonida Pervomaiskogo, #23
+38- 44 246 7822

Boutique in Kiev, Ukraine
Clothing Design Workshop
12 Klovskiy Spusk Street



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