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Marina Kuptsova

Marina Kuptsova
Instructor of Yoga in English

GO2KIEV:  Why did you choose to teach Yoga in English for the community?

I pondered the idea to teach yoga in the English language when I observed foreign travelers at the Boryspil International Airport.   I saw openness on their faces and understood that I would like to know them better.  I comprehended that through their multi-life experiences, travels and cultural differences the expatriate community would be very open and accepting of yoga instruction.    As well, interest to yoga is growing all over the world and that’s not surprising because in our jet age people are interested in self-development to make their life brighter and more complete.  When people live, work, or study in another country it can be rather difficult to settle down and realize that special wish of harmonic development of body and soul.  Yoga in English allows for full explanation of this fitness and mental health practice in a language that the expatriate community can understand.   

GO2KIEV:  How does your yoga instruction differ from other classes being taught at sport fitness clubs?

First of all yoga is not a sport.  When a sport club announces they are providing yoga, it means you will get their fitness exercises which look like yoga gymnastics.  The “yoga teacher” shows what moves are to be repeated without full explanation to the exercises and its impact to the body.  
Yoga is a very complicated system which includes physical exercises, psychological practices and philosophy aspects.  Within the Ukrainian Federation, of which I am an instructor, the classes are provided under the program as a teaching of any other serious subject.  One studies yoga in a group with step by step instruction ranging from the beginner moves to more complicated practices which also requires for mental effort.  The instructor teaches the correct formation of the yogic exercise; demonstrates the exercise with brief explanation of usual mistakes; and then explains the theoretical part of each lesson.

GO2KIEV:  You have mentioned that Ukrainian Yoga Federation, please tell us a few words about it.

My pleasure!   I would like to tell you that the President and founder, Andrew Safronow, is the most authority expert of yoga in the territory of Commonwealth of Independent States (ex-Soviet Union) and the author of many articles and books about yoga philosophy.   Truly he is an outstanding personality, an esoteric, a philosopher, and a healer.  Andrew has enriched the interpretation of ancient yoga scripts with the principles of modern science in the fields of medicine and psychology.  All instructors of the Ukrainian Yoga Federation use these principles when teaching their lessons.  The Federation members include mutual cooperation with more than 30 instructors throughout the cities of Ukraine.

GO2KIEV:  Briefly explain your program elements in case our readers are not familiar with this material.

Our yoga practice includes studying of Asanas (body postures which creates specific energy flows in our bodies) and Pranaymas (breathing exercises).  We study different types of meditations which is not just sitting with closed eyes and viewing colored pictures of the mind.   We consider meditation as an instrument of managing our subconscious and as a great mechanism for developing our mind.  When learning and meditating, we observe the connection between our body, state of health and emotions.  The study of yoga principles harmonizes energy interaction: how we can save or lose energy.  The Human Chakras system is life energy that can be harnessed and improved upon within the framework of relationships, career and health.

GO2KIEV:  When and where is the yoga class taught?

Classes of Yoga in English take place every Sunday from 12:00 – 14:00 in a comfortable gym located in the heart of Kiev.  The gym is located at Kostolna #5 which is close to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro.  The first class is FREE and information about prices will be given out by request.   For the lesson you will need to have comfortable sport trousers, a t-shirt and socks all made of natural fabric (cotton or flaxen is best) and a yoga mat. In the winter, it is recommended to bring a sweater.  Also, please bring a second pair of shoes (to go into the gym area) as well as a notebook and pen.  It’s appreciated if one would arrive 15 minutes early before your class to change clothes.  
Lessons are once a week.  Very often I hear the question “Is it enough?”  The answer is, of course, it’s not enough to do yoga in a class with an instructor.  It is required to PRACTICE by yourself.  At every lesson new information is being taught and explained and with this should come knowledge and experience to practice individually.  It is encouraged that students ask questions which have occurred during home practice.  Only in such a way will yoga become an instrument of personal development.  

GO2KIEV:  For registration of Class of Yoga in English please contact Marina by mobile (8096) 332-2008 or email: yoga.in.kiev@gmail.com



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