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Anna Krivolap

Anna Krivolap
Kyivian Artist – Abstract Expressionist Painter


GO2KIEV:  Your paintings have been acclaimed as ‘art playing with color’.  Please describe your art style.

My artist’s “signature” can be described as an authentic interpretation of directness and immediacy of expression in which the energy of paint and the magic of color become identical in creative thought and composition.  Whether I am painting a portrait, landscape or an abstract theme; simultaneously I am able to give and receive energy that brings forth a passion of bold and vibrant color, texture, strength and vitality.  

GO2KIEV:  Tell us about your art training background.

Firstly and without a doubt, my parents have inspired me to the fullest through their own individualistic artistic expression.    My mother, Zina Vasina, wrote and published a book on historical costumes in which she diligently and lovingly researched the immense range of artistic and scientific details.  My father, Anatoly Krivolap, is widely known, admired and respected for his contributions to abstract painting in Ukraine and Europe.   Throughout my life and career, my parents shared with me an ‘artist’s point of view’ in regards to knowledge and art appreciation.    Secondly, I attended the Ukrainian National School of Art, Ukrainian National Academy of Art & Architecture and I have been a member of Ukrainian Union of Artists since 2001.   I studied the rules of realistic painting:  technique, light, perspective, and also art theory and history.  This full, rich, and diverse education is highly appreciated for it allows me to expand and improve upon my maturing and creative expression.   I truly understand the process and the beauty is I’m able to choose amongst a palette of an ever-changing and ever-evolving medium.

GO2KIEV:  What themes do you choose to paint?

This is where my playfulness, spontaneity and curiosity come to play!  My work consists of Figurative and Abstract painting.   Let me briefly explain the differences.  Figurative Painting includes painting with human ‘figures’ as well as it mean paintings that have a metaphorical meaning.  This allows for interpretation in either, or both ways, and to think about the power of representing humans in art.  This also can include Portrait Painting which is an artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and event the mood of the person.  Included is also Landscape Art, which depicts a scenic view whose principal subject is most usually the sky and elements of weather.  Non-Figurative Painting makes no attempt to represent objects from the physical world.   The work resists realistic categorization and the imagery is primarily abstract.
When I paint using many bright colors and shapes and movement, I am painting my feelings at that time. I am painting the way I am seeing the world at that moment. When you walk over and look at that painting, you automatically project your current emotion, thought, feeling onto mine. You will react based on your own personal perspective.

GO2KIEV:  How do you approach painting?

A clear example is when I paint a portrait of which I apply an illustrative and multi-layered approach in capturing the essence of my subject.  Many photographs are taken and an initial full sketch is drawn thus allowing technical knowledge and skill to be relied upon in creating the first formation.   A second canvas is produced and there are slight variations which are interdependent upon my eyes, intuitive observations and the distinctive nuances of my subject’s character.  Lastly when the third canvas is positioned on the easel, I am ready to receive the full creative progress and development of expression that in effect resembles a metaphysical form.  The spirit of art reveals itself and it is immeasurably marked by the craftwork coming into full view.  I am never sure when it will happen but I’m grateful for the full artistic and spiritual process that is transported when creating a painting that allows the viewer to see ‘himself’ with fresh, opened and emotionally real eyes.

GO2KIEV:  What response do you receive when a person views his portrait?  What is the overall response when the public views your art for the first time?

I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a gentleman who owned an extensive collection of realistic paintings that adorned his home.  It was stated he did not want anymore ‘wallpaper’ art but a portrait that would be noteworthy, open for discussion and evoke a response of thought and feeling.    Questions had arisen in this gentlemen’s psyche and life and he was eager and ready to see if those questions could be answered subliminally.   Another example is when I painted Andriyivsky Uzviz of which many a Kyivian artist has tried to capture through oils, paintbrush and canvas.  I chose to dramatically deviate from a typical interpretation of this famous street with a totally unexpected and distinctive abstract version.   My peers and compatriots in the art community responded with positive support and encouragement to continue with abstractionism
One of my greatest joys is when a person communicates that my paintings evoke enchantment, joy, spontaneity, enigma, opportunity, mystery and unexpectedness to life.  It is the feeling that art that can both adorn and change as an individual and the world. 

GO2KIEV:  Where do you exhibit your paintings?

My paintings have been shown in art exhibitions and art festivals in Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Japan and Tbilisi, Georgia.  In May of 2008, I had a personal exhibition entitled “Landscapes of Kiev Horizons” at the Bottega Gallery.  This delightful idea came into existence when I lived on the 19th floor of a high rise apartment.  I had a bird’s eye view of the change of weather; flight of birds and aircrafts; light perspective; and the energetic properties of humans and cars awe well as a kind of voyage in time and space for me.   As well, I found capturing the separate and distinctive Kyivian architecture a continuous inspiration.   At the present I am working on new series at my atelier and hopefully this series of paintings will be completed by the autumn of 2009.

GO2KIEV:  How can art lovers learn how to fully understand and appreciate abstract paintings?

If you want to understand there are a myriad of ways to take some knowledge of this specific medium.   Abstract art means different things to each individual and understanding may require some effort on the part of the viewer for the it is not always immediately obvious what the artwork is about.  That allows opportunity to wonder and explore.    Visual imagery is a very powerful tool in our moods and our daily lives.  Even simple colors effect how we feel without our knowing it.

Bright colors make you feel energetic and dark images lend to mystery. Images and colors are understood on a basic instinctual level so abstract art is powerful because it can convey thoughts, feelings, idea, and evoke emotion.   The reason abstract art can have a little more power is that it not an attempt to “feed” you an idea through a recognizable common image.  Each and every person will get a different experience out of each image. That is how art should be, a personal experience that can also be shared.

GO2KIEV:  Anna Krivolap can be contacted by email: gkrivolap@yahoo.com or by mobile: +38-050-546-6818.   Paintings can be purchased through the Bottega Gallery located at 22-b Mykhaylivska Street, Kyiv.  Gallery phone:  +38-044-279-53-53



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