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Anna Naleskina

Interview with Anna Naleskina
Allegranza  Beauty Salon

GO2KIEV:  Tell us about the total Allegranza Beauty Spa experience?

It is my wish for all who come to the salon experience the feeling of joy, relaxation, and beauty.   Allegranza offers a wide selection of beauty treatments for the entire body that are to awaken one’s senses.  My client’s spa journey can include a relaxing manual massage with oils, a seaweed body wrap as well as a refreshing and antioxidant facial.  It is possible to customize our full range of services that will surround and cover your body from head to toe for a total spa experience.   It is our desire to have you reconnect with a side of yourself that was hidden under layers of day-to-day stress!    A full body spa treatment allows people to rejuvenate their bodies, mind and soul.  

GO2KIEV:   Why do you think it is important for people to indulge in beauty treatments?

The Allegranza Salon staff can speak and understand the English language for we understand that the customer’s needs are of the utmost importance and there is a commitment to meeting those needs.  Our customers are busy individuals who strive to balance the daily life challenges of work and home.   It’s no secret; the benefits of health and beauty are achieved by taking care of your body, internally and externally for this is a direct projection to the world of wellbeing.   So by projecting the image of happiness and prosperity I believe that one becomes that person by talking, walking, thinking, acting and living that image.  Thus, the changes manifest themselves in your life.  

GO2KIEV:  Your salon offers a Hydro Massage and Miostimulation.   Please explain the benefits of these spa services.  

Hydro massage is a type of massage based on the therapeutic use of warm water through underwater manual and jet massage.  Hydro massage therapy is excellent especially with stress management techniques.  It will relax muscles, increase blood circulation and relieve muscular pain and tension due to athletic or job related injuries, tension headaches, and post-operative rehabilitation.  Miostimulation provides cellulite reduction treatment for today’s busy women.  The type of stimulation is characterized by low volt stimulation targeted to stimulate motor nerves to cause a muscle contraction.  These muscle contractions soothe away fatty deposits and help to get rid of unsightly cellulite.    We also suggest that one follows up with a body slimming treatment of seaweed body wrapping and balneology based on the THALSPA Cosmetics from France. This helps to detoxify and nourish the skin as well as improve the skin’s texture and smoothness.

GOKIEV:  Tell us about the Allegranza’s hairdressing services?

What a fantastic way to easily and quickly change one’s appearance with a new hair cut and hair color.  For example, a short hair style that suits a woman and her lifestyle can dramatically change the way one feels and looks – it can boost confidence, make one look younger, and reduce the amount of time and money one spends on the hair.   As well, hair color gets lighter and brighter for Spring and darker and richer for Fall.  If brunette locks are dull, add a burst of blonde highlights.  Redheads heat up with copper shades and natural blondes are adding lowlights for a contrasting look or a gleaming gold for shimmer.  It’s all up to the client!   The Allengranza staff has been very well trained and knows how to look at each person’s facial structure to cut hair that has the right proportion and includes all the basic elements of balance, line and movement.   The cut should be manageable and the hair should look great in its natural form even before it is styled.

GO2KIEV:  What about stylish or special event hairdressing?

That is where our creativity shines for the woman who will be attending a business, cocktail, celebrity, wedding, or holiday event.   The holidays and all the sparkle and shimmer of the season can inspire any woman to have fun with her hairstyle.  A little black dress, sexy heels, accessories that glimmer and a stylish handbag are just what a woman needs at the next holiday bash.  Top it off with the perfect hairstyle and you’ve got a look that’s simply stunning.   For the business or cocktail event we can create a new and glamorous look that is classic and beautiful for either long or short hair.  Bridal hair styles are a combination of romance and elegance but the most important point is for the bride not to completely lose their personal style identity when it comes to making hair and fashion choices for their wedding day.  Of course, a bride will want to feel and look special on their wedding day but the number one guiding factor should be whether a bride actually likes the style.    We suggest that a bride takes a minute to consider what the theme or style of the wedding is to be.  Talking with a Allegranza hair stylist will allow the bride to give recommendations on how to coordinate the overall theme.  An illustrative point is the wedding gown – for the line and texture of the dress should match the line of the hair.  For example, a sleek bob hair tucked behind the ear or curls piled on top of the head will complement a long slim gown.  If a bride is wearing a flowing tulle gown, then flowing hair with soft curls will be great.

GO2KIEV:  Tell us about the body art and nail design services?

Body art allows a woman to have a different look for only a days or weeks.  Henna and Airbrushed Tattoos can be used to create strikingly realistic and fantasy patterns that won’t wear out their welcome and that are perfectly safe.   The appliqués are in various patterns such as flowers, stars, teardrops and more.  Nail manicures and pedicures are either of bright or subtle color as well as the classically elegant French manicure.   Attention to detail, elegance, and modern color choices and a clean and sanitary setting are what makes the Allegranza Salon well known in the Kiev community.

GO2KIEV:  What special services are provided for Gentlemen?

We have a deep pore cleansing facial for men which are specially customized for gentlemen’s specific skin needs.  Deep pore cleansing and exfoliation brushes away impurities and eases tensions in a thorough one hour facial treatment that softens the skin and removes all blackheads.  The treatment concludes with a soothing, healing mask to balance and hydrate the skin.   As well, we give a relaxing oil head and hair massage that is a great favorite of our gentlemen clients.  We can finish with a manicure that will file and buff nails for a tailored presentation.

GO2KIEV:  All of this sounds wonderful!  Can one purchase a Gift Certificate to your beauty salon spa?

This is a wonderful gift idea to buy for the person who seems to have everything or almost everything!  We can customize gift certificates that are original, useful, and remarkable that most importantly brings pleasure to the recipient.   Buying a gift certificate is essentially money saving compared with the step-by-step price list costs.   Our gift certificates can be arranged in the following categories:  Relaxation, Ladies and Men’s Birthdays, One Day at The Spa-Resort, Celebrity and Express Slimming and more.  According to the wish of the customer, we can compose individually tailored services.

ALLENGRANZA Beauty Salon is located at 47/49 O. Gonchara  Street, Kiev.    Phone: 8044-235-6999.  Appointments and walk-ins are accepted.    ** We speak English **



Anna Naleskina
Allegranza Beauty Salon
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